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Walk like thunder.
I've always had trouble keeping things simple. I'd rather have a mind opened by wonder than closed by belief. The earth is my altar, the sky is my dome, mind is my garden, the heart is my home & I’m always at home - yeah, I’m always at Om. ぷ
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"Leave me alone!"


"Leave me alone!"

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Our souls captured in the electromagnetic field no. 3 and no. 14 / Rising Universe no.11

Dries Ketels

Painting / Household, Watercolor

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Anonymous said: Just letting you know if you're against egg consumption because of the cruelty in the industry, there is no reason to be against raising your own chickens as pets and consuming the eggs they lay naturally. Really.


Actually that is incorrect and here’s why!

1. Naturally, hens stop producing eggs once they get a full nest.

2. Stealing eggs from a hen will make her nest incomplete. As a result she will lay more eggs.

3. Over producing eggs leads to denourishment of calcium and other nutrients that the hen needs. Laying extra eggs also applies pressure to the egg laying organs which causes premature death.

However a lot of chickens that are home raised have been genetically mutated over years of farming to not stop producing eggs (without the chicken keepers knowledge)… Which causes the same problems as described in 3. With that being said, a way to replenish the right amount of nutrients that the hen needs, it is existential to teach them to eat their own eggs. You’d be surprised how much hens love their eggs once their body finds out how much nutrients that’s in them. Eggs are not vegan.



I have 0 respect and 0 tolerance over naggy, bitchy, and preachy vegans. Like lol nice to meat you

Goddamn, acquire some semblance of an education. It’s not that hard.